Sustainable & fair sound art

Martin Bretscher soul- guitars

Your guitar maker in the heart of Franconian Switzerland.
Near Bamberg – Forchheim – Bayreuth

Sustainable & fair sound art

…is the guiding concept at soul-guitars.

We live and love guitars, wood, music and people and believe that every single person (including soul-guitars ;-)
can contribute to a better world.
Repairing, borrowing or creating your own lovingly tuned instrument with the new components of ecology and sustainability?
For us, your guitar is not a disposable item but rather a unique companion – your soulmate – on your musical journey!

… do you already have your guitar soulmate at home? Or does it not even exist yet?

We offer you…


Lattice “flow-cut”

A new model…

…is waiting for you. The “flow-cut” nestles its cutaway directly at the base of the neck and thus allows neck and body to flow together. The lattice top gives this model a fantastic response and is very balanced in its sound. The entire guitar is completely shellac polished and a real pleasure to hold. For the great performance a passive pickup system is available.
A detailed model description you will find here.

…the new edition from the design for the Masterpiece (project partner Patrick Haupt), comes in a slightly different design.

  • New bridge
  • Fine armrest
  • Light lattice bracing (top construction)

The guitar has a powerful, carrying sound, which makes the individual notes sound very differentiated – even in large rooms. The new strings from Pyramid are very pleasant to play and contribute to a very round sound.

Many thanks to all supporters:

  • Tristan for the project ideas
  • Patrick for the acoustic sound sample in advance and general support for all my guitar projects
  • Angi for the very nice label design
  • Christian for the great guitar pictures (you are now the new product photographer of soul-guitars ;-)


Plum or Ziricote

Difficult question, because they are two different woods, with different acoustic properties and different great visual appeal.

Both floor woods really appealed to my customer, during the wood selection in the workshop. Which one should he now use for his Soulmate.
Actually, he prefers plum, but maybe the ziricote!

So that he can really make a good decision, I offered him to make two identical instruments with the two selected woods.

flow-cut smoked-oak/spruce

flow-cut smoked-oak/spruce

flow-cut walnut thermo-spruce

flow-cut Lattice kingwood/spruce

… varnish

… finish & setup

…neck shaping